Beach Wedding Photography Poses

If you’re preparing for your Ocean Isle beach wedding, you are probably already working with your photographer on what kind of poses you want to do on your big day. But have you thought of these? 

  • Ocean Isle Beach weddingsUse large picture frames to frame your faces
  • You and your bridesmaids getting ready for the ceremony
  • You and your groom walking down the beach holding hands and turned around looking at the camera
  • If there are rocks on the beach, get your entire bridal party to sit on separate rocks from different angles
  • Use signs by writing on poster board with your name, date or anything else you can imagine
  • Take photos both during the day, at twilight and at night
  • Play in the sand! Write your wedding date, names, etc.
  • Growing in popularity are the “jump” photos where the photographer catches everyone at the right moment jumping in the air
  • Have the groomsmen hold you in the air horizontally as you strike a pose
  • Use angles! Take from below, high and straight-on

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